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Bathing Figure, 2016 – Sam Harrison

SCAPE Public Art

Christchurch artist Sam Harrison is a leading proponent of contemporary figuration and is well known for his observant, emotionally resonant sculptures and woodcuts. Creating a new work for Presence, Bathing Figure features a reclining female whose spine arches across the form of a large river boulder, her arm shielding her eyes. The pose might refer to the feeling of warming your body after a swim in the river, or may be read as representing a more charged state of anguish or lament.

Scenes of bathers populate much art history, most notably in works by Cezanne, Matisse and Picasso, and allow for the scrutiny and depiction of the figure in a variety of poses. While these historic painters’ works had more to do with the architecture of the picture plane, Harrison shares a fascination with the form of the figure under tension.

Produced by SCAPE Public Art. Images courtesy of the artist.
Market Square, Christchurch Arts Centre
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