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Fanfare, 2004/15 – Neil Dawson

SCAPE Public Art

New Zealand’s largest public sculpture, Fanfare by Neil Dawson, is a permanent landmark which can be seen standing tall over the Canterbury Plains at Chaney’s Corner alongside the Northern Motorway.

Following an extraordinary 10-year journey, it has found its forever home in Christchurch, the birth city of its notable sculptor, Neil Dawson, CNZM.

This visionary six-storey-high sphere (20 metres in diameter and weighing 25 tonnes) is covered in 1.5 metre steel pinwheel fans and can be illuminated in a spectrum of colours at night. Commissioned in 2004, it was suspended from the Sydney Harbour Bridge to mark the New Year in 2005, and was donated to Christchurch by the City of Sydney in 2007. Christchurch City Council, SCAPE Public Art and Neil Dawson worked together to install Fanfare at Christchurch’s northern entrance.

At a time when Christchurch has lost many of its landmarks, Fanfare plays an important role in creating a dynamic entranceway to the city, adding a vibrant new identity to Christchurch’s cityscape.

Photos by Bridgit Anderson. Courtesy of SCAPE Public Art.
Chaney’s Corner, beside the Northern Motorway
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