Nucleus, 2006 – Phil Price

SCAPE Public Art

Unveiled on 29 September 2006, and gifted formally to the city at the duration of SCAPE 2006, the 9m high Nucleus brings an impressive presence to the corners of High, Manchester and Lichfield Streets. Visible to both pedestrians and motorists, it has gone on to become an icon in the Christchurch CBD.

“Nucleus: the positively charged centre of an atom. Christchurch was my place of study and remains the centre of my practice, so this title and the sculpture have a special significance for me. The artwork is a celebration of place. The simple singular form made of four equal parts is a reflection of Christchurch, with its well-planned and laid-out built environment. All the parts are connected and necessary for the whole to function. The plinth, with its exposed structure and beauty through function, is a celebration of Christchurch’s engineering and industrial base.” – Phil Price.

Commissioned by Christchurch City Council and Produced by SCAPE Public Art. Photos by Emily Douglas and Courtesy of SCAPE Public Art.
Corners of High, Manchester and Lichfield Streets
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