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Cityscape curates some stunning artworks from around the city that are designed to bring any space to life, start conversations, and be pondered over.

Mr Mod


Artist: John Jagger
Price: $2,450

Contemporary, relevant and exciting, this stunning piece from renowned Californian artist the late John Jagger sees the famed animal sculptor turn his gaze to man.(Depth: 370mm, height: 415mm, width: 220mm.) Typifying Modern Californian sculpture, the piece is of copper-clad steel set on a black Belgium marble base, and comes with artist’s signature and original sale documents.


John Pule


Artist: John Pule
Price: $55,000

Auckland (by way of Niue) artist John Pule’s pieces reflect his Pacific roots. He often wears his heart on his canvas, as is evident in this mixed media piece (2,000mm x 2,000mm); there’s always a very personal aspect to be found in his work. Conceived and made from the imagery and material of tapa cloth, John’s works acknowledge dynamics of migration, procreation and settlement.




Artist: Neil Dawson
Price: POA

Influential Christchurch artist Neil Dawson has worked as a full-time sculptor since the late 1980s and has brought us such iconic works as The Chalice in The Square, the recently installed Fanfare on the northern motorway, and Arts Centre fixture Echo, which is scheduled to be returned home to the North Quad soon. His laser-cut steel pieces have a way of tricking the eye, offering fresh perspectives and a sense of beauty and awe, as is evident in Murmuration 17, which will join his exhibition at The Central from 20 July to 20 August.


Min Kim Red Door 775x1075

RED DOOR, 2017

Artist: Min Kim
Price: $5,400

Inspired by her extensive travels, particularly when living and studying in Italy for two years, local artist and owner of the Bryce Gallery Min Kim works predominantly in oil, watercolour and ink. A passionate, sought-after artist, her works range from the abstract through to the classical, a stunning example of the latter being her bold and vibrant Red Door (775mm x 1,075mm), a framed oil on linen piece which evokes the old-world charms of the Italian countryside.


Behind the Mask


Artist: Joel Hart
Price: $2,500

Joel Hart creates pop-culture inspired urban works such as blue-tinged beauty Behind the Mask (1,000mm x 1,000mm), a multi-layered mixed media piece on perspex and box framed. Touching on themes of love and death, Hart’s work tells stories of strength and hope to create raw emotion and passion.


Ollo 12

OLLO, 2016

Designer: Kerry Argus
Price: $2,000

Local designer Kerry Argus’ perpetual, playful calendar Ollo is constructed from 12 sheets of hole-punched and brightly colour-coated steel. Complex patterns of holes and flashes of colour viewed through the overlapping sheets create the number of each calendar month, with dates tracked with a magnetic ring.

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