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Entertain Me – November



Wolf Creek director Greg McLean swaps the horrors of the Australian outback for the horrors of the Bolivian jungle in this nerve-shredding survival thriller starring a hirsute Harry Potter (Daniel Radcliffe, pictured top). Based on the best-selling memoir by Israeli adventurer Yossi Ghinsberg, the film tracks Radcliffe and three pals as they follow a shady guide into said jungle in the pre-GPS-tracker 80s in search of a lost tribe of Indians, gold, and a little excitement; naturally disaster strikes, making it every man for himself in this cautionary great outdoors tale.

Human Traces

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Proving three’s a crowd, Christchurch writer/director Nic Gorman’s debut film Human Traces (opening November 16) is a masterclass in suspense. Things go pear-shaped for husband and wife scientist team Glenn (Mark Mitchinson) and Sarah (Sophie Henderson) following the arrival of mysterious new caretaker Pete (Vinnie Bennett) at the remote subantarctic research station island (with the Catlins and Banks Peninsula starring as the location) the pair are trying to rid of pests. Desperation kicks in when they become trapped on the island with no contact with the outside world and a gloomy winter looming.


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Forget the tissues: just try to contain the ugly crying when Wonder opens on November 30. Expect some expert heartstring playing as Auggie (Room’s Jacob Tremblay), a young boy suffering the facial deformities of Treacher Collins syndrome, enrols at a mainstream school following a life spent in and out of hospitals and hiding inside a space helmet in a bid to feel ‘normal’. It’s based on R.J. Palacio’s New York Times bestseller; Stephen Chbosky (The Perks of Being a Wallflower) directs the mega-star power of Oscar-winner Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson as the proud parents of this extraordinary boy out to teach the world we’re all the same at the end of the day.

DVD: A Date For Mad Mary

Fresh out of the clink and deemed ‘undatable’, Mary (Seána Kerslake) spends her first days as a free woman trying to lock in a date to her best friend’s wedding (despite only having a single invitation) in this beautifully barbed, heartfelt Irish comedy smash about friendship, first love and letting go of the glory days.


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As You Were, Liam Gallagher

The more troubled/gobby half of the legendary Britpop Gallagher bros and 90s chart smashers Oasis, Liam has (finally) followed brother Noel and gone it alone with his first solo outing, As You Were. While there are flourishes of the old sound, particularly on the anthemic ‘For What It’s Worth’ and in the swagger for days of ‘Greedy Soul’, As You Were is, in Gallagher’s own words: “The Lennon ‘Cold Turkey’ vibe, The Stones, the classics. But done my way, now”. While a lot more water will need to pass under the bridge before an Oasis reunion is likely/even on the cards, As You Were provides a welcome return to the cocky sneer of one of the greats of the 90s.

Colors, Beck

Despite numerous delays and hiccups, Beck’s long-promised (and super anticipated) 13th studio album Colors dropped last month, with the musical chameleon proving once again that good things come to those who wait. Turning his back on the country-tinged folk of 2014’s Grammy-winning Morning Phase, Beck is back pushing new boundaries and recreating the pop palette, rocking the upbeat and quirky with this bodacious 11-track collection peppered with instant classics that include the exploration of the inevitable turmoil of being alive that is ‘Dear Life’, the slick guitar-driven riffs of ‘Dreams’, the brilliant funk of ‘Wow’ and the high-rotation charms of office toe-tapper ‘Up All Night’ (and accompanying hallucinatory video) – welcome back!

Pacific Daydream, Weezer

The geek chic rockers who took us to the beach with last year’s chillaxed classic self-titled album (their fourth! and also referred to as The White Album) are back in full beach mode with Pacific Daydream. While first single ‘Feels Like Summer’ is the perfect breezy summer classic (check out the hella slick video channelling Guns ‘N Roses ‘Paradise City’), latest release ‘Mexican Fender’ is a cracking rock track.


The killer tracks in the Cityscape office.

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The Killers
‘Run For Cover’
Wonderful Wonderful

‘Up All Night’

Macklemore Feat. Skylar Grey

Foo Fighters
‘The Sky is a Neighbourhood’
Concrete And Gold

‘I Like Me Better’
Like Me Better


Hardcore Carnivore: Cook Meat Like You Mean It, Jess Pryles

Texan cook (and self-confessed professional hardcore carnivore), author and TV personality Jess Pryles’ protein-packed cookbook will have you cooking meat like a pro, covering everything from smoking and ‘meat science 101’ to grinding your own meat patties. Meet Me At The Lighthouse, Mary Jane Baker

Escape to the Yorkshire coast with Mary Jane Baker’s latest laugh-out-loud romantic comedy, which features strong, modern and independent woman Bobbie Hannigan. In a book described as “side-splittingly funny” Baker puts one of the most lovable and plucky protagonists to page – ever!

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