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Cityscape caught up with Christchurch singer/ songwriter and New Zealand music’s next big thing Nakita ahead of her move to Auckland to start work on her new album. Tell us about your huge 2016.

I started off the year gathered in a room with my team to play through the finished EP; it was pretty special to share that moment with everyone, from my co-writers to family members I had been hiding the songs from for months. Releasing four singles over the year has felt like having four birthdays. I’ve also been lucky enough to shoot a few music videos for these songs. The icing on the cake was going to the Vodafone New Zealand Music Awards. It was surreal to have the entirety of New Zealand’s music industry in one arena celebrating the one thing we as artists are all striving towards; great music.

Where were you when you first heard Addicted on the radio?

When I heard that Addicted was gaining some airplay, my family and I streamed the radio from our computer in our lounge 24/7. One night we were outside eating dinner, with the speakers a barely audible murmur from inside the house. From the opening, far-away notes, I knew straight away I was hearing my song. Hearing something you’ve crafted from day one on the radio, is honestly emotional. There are just so many feelings attached to hearing your song along in a shared moment with the public.

Tell us about your next album.

The next EP will be about change. I’m leaving school, growing up and moving out from the teenage comforts of home. It’ll speak about the themes of friendship and the struggles around losing those relationships to distance and trying to maintain those you can.

So you’re moving to Auckland …

It’s daunting, but in saying that I am more excited than scared. I know Auckland is where I am meant to go, it just takes a lot to get myself prepared to actually make the move. I’m going to miss my family. It’s lovely to know that I always have a secure place to come back to.

What’s the best thing about making music? The process of creation itself. You start out with emotions on scraps of notebook paper. Then you take your heart on your sleeve and hand it to a producer who turns each track into a masterpiece. Of course, the creation of the songs is only the start; the process continues through to the release, the branding, the music videos, the band practices and then the performance. You meet such incredible people along the way and it all shapes you into the person you are to this moment.

What’s next?

My focus is my first live performance. It really excites me to imagine what the atmosphere will be like standing on a stage with my band around me for the first time as these songs come alive. I also can’t wait to complete the next EP and travel back to Bagnall Hill in Pirongia with my producer Leroy.

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