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Shape Up

Take your fitness regime into a fun, social space as Cityscape checks out the city’s hottest fitness trends and venues, from 24-hour friendly gyms through to ballet-inspired Bootybarre, boxing, hula-hooping and more. You’ll find good times and epic results going hand-in-hand with these fun ways to break a sweat.



At boxing fitness centre 1 More Round (1MR), their training mantra is ‘Discover your fighting spirit’. Designed to get you fit without getting hit, they offer fun, challenging workouts in over 30 classes a week. There’s something for everyone; options range from the self-explanatory SHEbox and HEbox, to MIX and weekday LUNCHBOX sessions for everyone, youth classes and even COUNTERPUNCH, a specialised Parkinson’s exercise group, as well as the new TURBObox punch tracking class, which brings boxing and fitness tracking tech together to offer a fantastic way to keep track of your improvements.

Super rewarding both physically and mentally, a boxing workout can burn a massive amount of calories, and is a great de-stresser after a long day! You don’t have to jump in the ring to get the benefits of this total-body workout, either; pumping music and your experienced instructor (along with a few subtly-deployed boxing clichés) means you can get the heart rate up without taking a pummelling! You’ll meet people from all walks of life in 1MR’s classes, and coming through a boxing session together builds real camaraderie, which you can develop further at their regular social evenings.



Lyndal Woodham (Bootybarre master trainer) and Katrina Buchanan’s (clinical nutritionist and Bootybarre Instructor) beautiful On Pointe Barre and Wellness Studio in Carlton Corner is the first of its kind in Christchurch. It was started to bring the city Bootybarre, a fun fusion workout technique that combines elements of dance, pilates and yoga (as well as pilates and yoga classes themselves), and is suitable for nearly all ages and fitness levels.

Bootybarre tones long lean muscles and increases endurance, as well as perking you up in all the right places – in fact Victoria’s Secret models credit Bootybarre and pliates for their figures. You’ll leave a session happy and feeling great! Small, intimate classes mean you get to know your fellow exercisers, while regular special events like blokes’ barre night (featuring beers, lads!) and barre bingo for the competitive among us keep things fun (as do the funky exercises with crazy names), and you should also look out for their new group sessions on the Pilates reformer apparatus, which kick off very soon.



Believe it or not, hula hooping is becoming one of the world’s most popular fitness challenges. The joyful movement burns up to 7 calories a minute, is suitable for people at any fitness level (and ages 3 to 80+!), and is naturally fun – there’s a reason the hula hoop has always been popular with kids! In2Hula (winners of the Community Excellence Award from the Exercise Association of New Zealand) can get you started, with nurturing guidance given in their small classes, which allow for personalised support.

You’ll be trimming and toning your abdominals, arms, and legs, engaging in low-impact aerobic exercise, increasing flexibility and strengthening core muscles (among other benefits) as you go, and all in a music-based, fun, and supportive atmosphere. In2Hula’s approach is a combination of ‘body and health with social and self’, with both social and self-time encouraged to provide not only that fun social aspect but also the valuable me-time that is so important to maintaining balance. Sign up to get in some practice before the Super Heart Hoop-Off Heart Foundation fundraiser and hoop-off record attempt in October!



The fastest-growing fitness franchise in the world right now (call it the Hugh Jackman effect), F45 Training takes its name from its Functional 45 minute workouts. Each class-based team training session is an interval style 45-minute full body workout under the supervision of personal trainers who ensure correct technique, as well as keeping you motivated and encouraged. Focusing on innovation, motivation and results, F45 workouts change daily and are never repeated, and feature music mixed by some of the best DJs around the world.

Suitable for any fitness level, F45 is proving a hit with hundreds of thousands of people all over the world, and gets its members fit fast, losing body fat, and building lean muscle mass. Its holistic approach includes a free nutritional portal that offers daily meal plans, recipes, shopping lists and more, and a big emphasis on socialising (including regular social events) keeps things fun and makes it easy to stay motivated and challenged. Hit their City, Ferrymead or Wigram locations to take one of their regular F45 Challenges – a free 2-week trial offering unlimited access to all of their classes – to get a taste of the F45 experience.  


Altitude Pole

Sick of expensive gym memberships and boring fitness classes, Karry Summers started pole classes in 2007 and went on to become Miss Pole Dance NZ for 4 years running and a World Cup Runner Up. She’s taken pole dancing fitness to new heights with the opening of Altitude Pole & Fitness – New Zealand’s largest and Christchurch’s premier pole dancing and fitness studio. The state-of-the-art studio offers more than 50 classes each week, with members able to chop and change as they please between pole fitness classes, aerial silks and hoop, and others including Stretch & Flex, Acro Gym for gymnastics based acrobatics and tricks, funky ZUU Fitness, and TwerkFit®.

You’ll burn up to 300 calories in a typical pole class, sculpting and toning muscles (in particular your arms and abs), and increase your flexibility and coordination (not to mention dance ability!). With a fun, social environment that encourages you to increase your skills and an emphasis on safety, and a busy social events calendar, Altitude offers a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and increase your fitness levels in every way.


Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness Christchurch CBD offers a super convenient location at 205 Madras Street, outstanding quality and a wide variety of equipment, plenty of space to train, excellent professional personal trainers, and even free parking! Being open 24/7 to suit your schedule is just part of their approach to making it easy for you to get your sweat on; they also offer lunchtime High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Classes, monthly challenges, and a flexible membership plan that doesn’t lock you into a contract and gives you access to 2,000 Snap Fitness training centres around the world!

Whether you’re looking to make good on that long overdue commitment to get yourself in shape, wanting to stay in fighting trim, or just want to look and feel better, you’ll find a welcoming environment where the knowledgeable, friendly team takes the time to get to know you – the perfect place to train with a friend and keep each other motivated. 


Flow Yoga

Offering yoga classes for all levels of students, Flow Hot Yoga Studio’s goal is to help you to realise your full potential. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete novice at yoga or have been practising it for years; Flow’s mindful group of teachers are knowledgeable, approachable, and passionate, and are trained in a wide variety of yoga ideas and principles. They’re dedicated to the idea of making Flow’s 50 classes a week challenging, constructive and fun!

Offering core class Hot Flow at 40°C to optimise the benefits of practising yoga in a heated environment, Power Vinyasa at 36°C to build flexibility, strength and good postural alignment, the therapeutic Yin at 30°C and the complementary styles of Yin Yang at 30°C, they have a range of additional class options and variations like Shakti Mat Classes, Mindfulness Breathing, and Mastery Vinyasa, as well as regular workshops and special events. You’ll be looked after by their diverse team, who will bring you on board with Flow’s mission: balance, energy, harmony, strength and growth through yoga.



Many exercise routines are put under the umbrella of ‘Pilates’, but at Scoop Authentic Pilates they hew closely to the original teachings of Joseph Pilates himself (and the apparatus he developed as well). They’re the only Authentic Pilates Studio in the South Island (and one of just a handful in NZ) and are dedicated to providing top-quality teaching; expect authentic, professional instruction that offers all the benefits of Joe’s techniques – superior core strength, increased overall strength and flexibility, improved posture, injury prevention, and enhanced sporting performance.

Classes include Pilates Fundamentals, Pilates Restore, and Pilates All Levels, which takes participants through the original Pilates mat exercises. The method is adaptable to anyone’s level, and there’s a serious fun factor – using the Pilates apparatus, you’ll be able to pull moves you’d never have thought you were capable of, and are always pushing your limits in a safe environment. It’s a great fitness option for everyone from total beginners to Pilate experts, and their supportive atmosphere will make you feel welcome.

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