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The Good Life With Dr Libby

Shift out of that winter slump and keep your body, mind and spirit motivated through the remainder of the year with my top tips for getting spring ready. Spring, and the more inviting weather that comes with it, presents the perfect opportunity to reinvigorate the body and mind, and shake off any residual feelings of lethargy that come from any winter hibernation. Boost your nutrient intake If you are lacking in energy, feeling tired, depleted or burnt out, chances are boosting your plant intake will make a world of difference. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, fibre, phytonutrients and, of course, antioxidants, plants feed our body with everything needed to supply us with bundles of energy in return. To enhance your nutrient intake even more, try adding a scoop of powdered greens to your daily routine. Increase your vitamin D This vitamin has many important functions in the body – from supporting our immune system function and fighting disease, to boosting our metabolism. Studies also suggest that it can help with low mood. A large percentage of New Zealanders have suboptimal levels of vitamin D so, given its essential role in the body, it’s a great thing to get checked with your health practitioner. Direct sunshine or supplements can help boost vitamin D levels. Prioritise a morning movement practice Starting our day with a nourishing practice such as a gentle yoga session, pilates class or stretching routine can help to get our body and mind moving. Alternatively, you might like to begin your day with a walk. Direct sunlight can assist the production of serotonin – our feel good, happy, calm and content hormone. Early morning is the best time to establish this impact on mood and energy. Remember how to say ‘no’ When we don’t give ourselves enough time to rest, relax and enjoy life, drive ourselves too hard and perceive ourselves to be under constant pressure, we severely impair our ability to cope with stress and pressure. Instead of doing everything for everyone else and taking on more and more, learn how to flex that ‘no’ muscle more effectively. Avoid overcommitting and make more time for yourself to increase your capacity for joy and gratitude for what you have in your life already.

Dr Libby Live

Get ready for a double dose of everyone’s fave nutritional biochemist, best-selling author and all-round lifestyle guru when Dr Libby hits Christchurch in October and November. Putting the confusion surrounding today’s food in her crosshairs, Dr Libby’s Food Frustrations (12 & 18 October) takes all the confusion out of food. She’ll explain how to make the best food choices and remove the guesswork surrounding what to eat, when and why. During her Beautiful You Weekend (25 – 26 November), participants will get to tap into Dr Libby’s two decades of research and clinical experience to understand how their body’s work and examine the intricate play between nutrition, biochemistry and emotions culminating with a powerful action plan, designed with Dr Libby’s guidance. 

Plate Expectations

Demystifying the confusion surrounding what to eat, Dr Libby’s new book What am I Supposed to Eat? Making Sense of Food Confusion (RRP $39.95) is a lifetime reference guide to understanding food, what it does in your body and what you are supposed to eat. From knowing which food trends to follow, whether being gluten or dairy free is for you through to how your genetics influence how food behaves in your body and why you need to be thinking about what your food eats, What am I Supposed to Eat? puts the reader back in control of their food choices.

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