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Made in CHCH: Pegasus Bay Winery

Introducing vineyards to the now famous viticultural wonderland of Waipara Valley in the early 1970s, pioneering winemakers the Donaldson family and their Pegasus Bay label (depicting the now iconic winged horse) are internationally recognised by the world’s leading wine connoisseurs.

Synonymous with a premium, diverse estate-grown range that epitomises the region’s unique terroir, their much-coveted Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon, Pinot Noir, Merlot Cabernet, Riesling and Chardonnay wines have been amassing gongs for three decades now. Their winemaking philosophy aims to simply produce grapes of the highest quality and handle them with the utmost respect; their approach is one of minimal intervention from vine to bottle, with sustainable viticultural management, low crop levels, minimal handling of fruit during processing and gentle pressing all being integral to their creative process.

It’s a method of winemaking that’s reaped enormous dividends, with Pegasus Bay now distributed in more than 25 countries and considered among the country's – and the world’s – leading wineries. They’ve been named variously by national and international wine press as ‘Canterbury’s top winery’, ‘One of New Zealand’s top 5 wine producers’, a member of the ‘100 Most Iconic Wine Estates Worldwide’ and ‘The flagship winery of Waipara’, but the over-achieving team at the estate have not been content to sit on those mighty laurels – they’ve also established New Zealand’s most award-winning winery restaurant. Aimed at producing a complete food and wine experience, the restaurant is one of the best dining options in Canterbury, and a showcase of the region’s finest produce, all matched to the finest wines.


1975 The Donaldson Family plants out one of Canterbury’s first vineyards; 10 years later Pegasus Bay is established.

1992 The Restaurant and Cellar Door open.

2015 Founding member of the Family of Twelve.

2006 Awarded NZ’s best Casual Dining Restaurant by Cuisine.

2010 Rated a 5-star producer by Robert Parker.

2016 Awarded NZ’s best winery restaurant title for the eighth time and 2 Chef Hats.

2017 Pegasus Bay wine is exported to 30 international markets.


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