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(Un)common Thread

It’s not your common chef trajectory – quitting school to scrub pots at Dunedin’s Esplanade before studying and then landing a dream job on tropical north Queensland’s Hamilton Island – but Uncommon’s Scott O’Driscoll is not your typical chef.

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He’s now bringing buzzing Melbourne café cool with a fine dining edge to the city (sous vide poached eggs and epic hotcakes anyone?) alongside partner Natasha Rooney, having discovered a passion for precision-plated flavour-bomb perfection when he moved up from making pizzas to working in the kitchen of qualia, the island’s luxury resort.

With island time not being to employees what it is for its guests, he then moved to Melbourne, where he honed his skills alongside MasterChef guest judge Shannon Bennett at the celebrated Vue de monde, also developing a taste for the city’s café scene.

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Luckily for us, his genius union of these elements has now been brought to the city in a cunning culinary celebration of high-quality, locally-sourced and fresh ingredients, all served up in super slick surrounds.

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