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Home Staging Secrets

The oft quoted ‘you don’t get a second chance at making a first impression’ is also one of the golden rules of selling a house, and when it comes to making a swift, profitable sale, the first impression is often the only impression. When you’re attending a job interview you present the best possible version of yourself, so why wouldn’t do the same for your house?

Home staging, the beautification process of preparing your house for sale, is now a booming business simply because it works: staged properties sell faster than non-staged homes, spend less time on the market and achieve higher prices – particularly in the age of Internet-listed properties where your first impression is often made online. The end goal is having perspective buyers visualising themselves in your property and the opportunities it presents – when the buyer can make an emotional connection to your property they’ll be more inclined to buy.

For starters, each room needs to own its space and be clearly defined – don’t leave anything where it wouldn’t naturally live. Clear the decks – make sure people can move freely around the room and walkways are not obstructed (this also goes for clutter, family photos etc). Use pops of colour (reds and yellows) to attract attention to stronger features (a bowl of red apples in a designer kitchen) and downplay less redeeming areas with plants and less attention-seeking furniture pieces.

Never underestimate how much a fresh coat of paint can lift a room, making it look clean and new – stick to neutrals like light beiges and greys which can multitask as a canvas for most decor. Kitchens and bathrooms help sell houses, so put fresh white towels in the bathroom and remove any old wallpaper and repaint. If the budget allows, update the appliances, tapware and cabinetry.

Remember, ‘less is more’, except when it comes to an empty house – you’ll definitely need to get the stylists in.

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