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Hot Property: With Mary Turnbull

Open homes – Tips to secure a sale

An open home is the biggest gun in your house sale arsenal, and the best way to secure a quick sale at the highest price. When it comes to open homes, it’s a case of the more the merrier – the more you have the more people you are likely to get through, increasing the chances of prospective buyers falling in love and buying your house. I work to a minimum of three open homes a week, usually one on a Wednesday or Thursday and one every Saturday and Sunday for a minimum of 45 minutes, though an hour is best if possible.

Timing, or time of day, is important too – you have to take into account the current season and time your open homes to showcase your house at its brightest and sunniest. Things need to be bright inside too; a good real estate agent will turn on all your lights during a showing and, where necessary, suggest where higher wattage bulbs are needed to brighten darker rooms.

Not surprisingly, presentation is everything. I make it a rule to never show an empty house and will often recommend home staging (including selected art pieces for the walls) that really showcase the house as a spacious, warm and welcoming space. In winter you want it to be toasty warm – if there’s a fire start it in the morning to heat the house and have all heat pumps going with scented candles and diffusers also helping to create a cosy atmosphere and calming house.

The number one rule, however, is: Make it sparkle! There’s no way around this – you are going to have to get down to some serious cleaning (or pay for a professional clean) of every surface inside and tidy the yard to maximise street appeal – achieve these and you’ll be one step closer to seeing the sold sticker out the front of your house!

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