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Modern Love

Some things simply never go out of style. With a laser focus on an era of all-time design excellence, mr mod is a huge treasure cache of such timeless classics in furniture, lighting, and objet d’art. Honing in on the best of mid-century design from Scandinavia and the United States – times and places where legendary designers were doing hugely influential work that remains striking over half a century later – they specialise in sourcing, restoring and selling imported vintage industrial and collectable furniture that is fully restored, upholstered, and ready to immediately up the cool levels of your place by a factor of at least 10 (11, if you’re a Spinal Tap fan).

Do you have your own mid-century piece you’re looking to bring back to magnificent life? With over thirty-five years of experience in the industry, they’re able to provide you with expert advice on your piece’s origin, wood type, age, designer, and the best approach to use for restoration. Or if you’re simply in the mood for a serious style fix, browse their expansive showroom and warehouse at 88 Wilsons Road to check out their wide range of sofas and lounge chairs, dining suites, storage, coffee tables, writing desks, side tables, free-standing lights and fixtures, and beautiful objects … and all of it so impeccably chic that you’re likely to start inadvertently looking around for a martini.

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