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Totally en pointe and hyper trending, Venetian plaster epitomises timeless elegance, and its tactile textures and lustrous finish make the Venetian Plaster Shop NZ a must-stop for renovators or builders looking to make a serious style statement.

Offering the largest range of lime-based plasters in New Zealand, their product range is imported entirely from Italy and made from the best raw materials, as well as being ecologically friendly, Class A1 fire-rated, solvent and bacteria free, totally breathable, and free from volatile organic compounds (VOCs). They’re also the country’s sole distributors for the renowned Giorgio Graesan and Friends products, manufactured in Milan, which enables them to offer a massive range of colour and texture, while their own in-house application company ensures you get the top-quality professional finishes the products can provide.

If you’re looking for seamless walls and ceilings in textures and colours that add contrast, style and vibrancy to your home, you need to check out how they can help!

Venetian Plaster Shop
32 Stanley Street, Sydenham
022 580 0612

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