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Review: Eco Frame and Mirror

I’m super impressed by Eco Frame and Mirror’s Hamish Noster; not only has he called dead on 9am (our appointment time), but he’s at our office minutes later with the Art Hang van to collect a large art piece we had shipped over from Sydney, which has been stranded in the office due to its sheer size. While technically a pick-up is outside of their service offerings, Hamish nonetheless arrives to collect the behemoth artwork with the easygoing, next-level service of a true pro, and takes it back to our house where we have a huge clock, mirror and two additional pieces of art waiting to hang.

IMG 4323

The additional artworks waiting at home have been framed by the Eco Frame and Mirror team, who with their stunning selection and on point advice (following a series of probing questions regarding art placement, surrounding décor and natural light) have made the process entirely hassle-free. At home, Hamish’s design background comes to the fore as I deliberate whether or not the locations I’ve selected are right – he’s got some insightful advice and takes all the guess work out of the height at which to hang them. What’s more, the quake-proof (another box ticked there!) Art Hang service means I’m easily able to adjust the height of the pieces should things change. Hamish also impresses when he takes sliding doors and other potential obstacles into consideration before even picking up the drill.

IMG 4349 I’m thrilled by the final result – everything is level, at the height it should be, and hanging close to the wall, and just when I couldn’t be more pleased, Hamish spots an askew picture my husband had put up and hangs this properly as well! Eco Frame & Mirror
394 Colombo Street
03 377 0223

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