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Style Counsel

Defining good taste simply with the carefully-curated contents of their refined boutique, Corso Merivale is a homeware and lifestyle store that offers a collection of quality, internationally-renowned designer brand goods from around the globe. There’s a European tone to their selection, but quality and style are the key selection criteria; you’ll find Scandinavian tableware, Danish shoes and Italian fragrances, but also stylish, high-spec audio equipment from the States and quality silk items from Australia. In their elegant space in Aikmans Road’s Hawkesbury Building you’ll wander among ceramics, glassware, homeware, linen, furniture, gorgeous gifts, clothing, and more besides. If you’re looking to bring that touch of elegance, class, refinement and style to your own space, this is the place to go! 

Corso Merivale
Hawkesbury Building, Aikmans Road
03 355 4228

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