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The New Classic

Edward Gibbon’s Lesley Storm gives Cityscape the inside word on the new trend of statement hand basins designed to make your bathroom pop.

Forget sterile and bland when it comes to hand basins. Today’s basins can be one of the features of your bathroom – even the star. The right piece can set off your whole look with a burst of colour and an eye-catching style, and there’s a wide range of aesthetics and approaches to suit the style and feel that you want to create.

Art Ceram’s SCALINO (1) by Meneghello Paolelli Associati, for example, offers up an Italian soft décor take on a minimalist washbasin which is striking it in its absolute geometric rigor. The Scalino defines and marks off the lateral space where the tapware is mounted (in versions where tapware can be installed), lightly separating it from the hollow surface to create a clean aesthetic.

Innovation is at the forefront of Art Ceram’s processes, which also shows in their stunning Rombo (2) design, which features a ceramic surface inspired by the textiles world in range of classic designs and bold, colourful finishes, including charcoal grey, blue, red, platinum, and gold.

Bagno Design’s ZEN (3) meanwhile, goes spiritual, aiming to provide the user with a series of harmonizing states of cleansing and washing under spring water while creatively combining the beauty, simplicity, and imperfect look of natural materials and textures such as stone, copper and bronze.

Hidra’s Dial (4) on the other hand, takes precision as its inspiration, being made to the outline reproduction of the classic metronomic precision of the traditional Swiss watch dial, which has never gone out of fashion for a century. With simple and elegant lines that strike a balance between the square and the circular, the Dial banishes the concept of the cold, brittle bathroom with its warm, welcoming elegance.

As you can see, it’s easy to switch things up when it comes to the bathroom basin, but don’t disregard practicality entirely. Consider the right basin for your bathroom; wall-mounted sinks are worth considering for a minimalist look or as a space saver, while top-mounted sinks are a good choice for bathrooms with existing cabinetry and counters, and vessel basins like the Rombo or Zen are the go-to choice for a bold, striking look. It’s typically a while between bathroom makeovers, so don’t be afraid to make a strong design statement!

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