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Aye, There's The Dub

Heads up Cityscapers, here comes a gig as Christchurch as quake stories and asking what school people went to: the local legends and musical pioneers who went large, Salmonella Dub, are celebrating 25 years of making awesome Kiwi music by hooking back up with ol’ mate Tiki Taane for a massive anniversary reunion concert in North Hagley Park on January 13.

The Salmonella Dub boys are set to celebrate an impressive career so far – that’s seven studio albums, three remix albums, a live album with the NZSO, four EPs, over 270 festival appearances and five Tui Awards, among other big numbers – with what founding member Andrew Penman is describing as “…an iconic, audio-visual, bass heavy, back catalogue mash up with a treasure chest of guests”. In Christchurch those guests are Fat Freddy’s Drop and Ladi6 (yuss!), which lines things up for a truly epic afternoon and evening of sweet tunes.

It’s little wonder Tiki is excited as well: “To be able to help my old bandmates and celebrate 25 years of Salmonella Dub is a glorious prospect, and probably a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence – no one will want to miss this”. Travel back in time to some of those glorious weekend nights at the old Dux de Lux, or just acquaint yourself with the fantastic work of one of New Zealand’s most successful acts – this’ll be a goodie!

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