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History Repeating

A concert experience and musical tribute like no other, the world-class Michael Jackson HIStory Show moonwalks into Christchurch this month, back in New Zealand again after a successful previous tour in 2016.

Showcasing the King of Pop’s greatest hits live on stage, it naturally also features the famous dance moves that fans all know, love and have sneakily practiced in their bedrooms. Multitalented MJ impersonator Dantanio, who performs live, is accompanied by an equally lively six-piece band and spectacularly choreographed backup dancers, while authentic costumes and a phenomenal lighting team also help to faithfully recreate the showmanship of the original himself.

The concert travels through Jackson’s vast catalogue of work, from his beginnings as a member of the Jackson 5 through to his showstopping theatrics in the 1980s, and continued evolution as an artist throughout the 90s and into the 21st Century – a fitting tribute to one of music’s biggest-ever stars. We might sadly be no longer able to see MJ strutting his stuff, but this promises to be the next best thing.

Michael Jackson HIStory
Isaac Theatre Royal, Feb 19

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