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Rise Up

image: Travis Shinn

Politically-charged punk four-piece Rise Against hit Horncastle Arena this month to belt out some of their rebel-rousing anthems off the back of their recent eighth studio album, Wolves. Chicagoans Tim McIlrath, Zach Blair, Joe Principe and Brandon Barnes are back in NZ after a previous visit as special guests of Foo Fighters.

Wolves has charted highly here, in Australia and the US, and sees the melodic hardcore group continuing their trend for lyrics with plenty of social commentary, with singles ‘The Violence’ and ‘House On Fire’ influenced by the American election. These join big previous hits like ‘I Don’t Want To Be Here Anymore’, ‘Help Is on the Way’ and ‘Savior’, the latter of which held the record for the most consecutive weeks spent on both the Hot Rock Songs and Alternative Songs charts.

Lead singer McIlrath says “Wolves isn’t about creating a safe space, it’s about creating a space that’s dangerous for injustice.” Right on, Tim. With their rep for booming, visceral and balls-to-the-wall-entertaining live performances firmly established, this is one that rock fans won’t wanna miss.

Rise Against
Horncastle Arena, Feb 17

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