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Sol3 Mio: Assemble!

It’s been hectic times for the lads that make up homegrown p-opera sensation Sol3 Mio; apart from a one-off gig in San Francisco, they haven’t performed together as a group all year. That’s because they’ve been busy with their own solo careers – tenor brothers Pene and Amitai Pati have been in the US performing as Adler Fellows at the world renowned San Francisco Opera, while their baritone cousin Moses Mackay has been busy with projects at home, including taking a lead role in Carmen as part of Napier’s Festival of Opera. They’ve managed to clear some schedule space for another summer tour of their homeland, though – just as well, as their outdoor gigs have proved mega-popular. They reach us at Hagley Park, where they’ll be busting out their signature mix of opera arias, traditional songs, hits from their best-selling albums, and (of course) all your favourite Christmas carols. It sounds like another summer stunner is in store; they’re making it a bit of a habit.

Sol3 Mio: Christmas in the City
North Hagley Park, Dec 16

Image: Paul Chessell

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