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Tally Ho

As is its recent custom, the CSO borrows a UK musical tradition (we’re sure they won’t mind) in early November (Saturday the 4th) and heads to the appropriately glorious Isaac Theatre Royal to turn out its own version of that quintessentially British occasion and big ol’ crowd-pleaser, The Last Night of the Proms.

In London each year, the famous Last Night concludes an eight-week summer programme of daily orchestral classical music concerts with a light hearted and exuberantly patriotic musical occasion that’s one of the city’s most sought-after tickets. In fact before the practice was banned, fans were formerly known to sleep outside the Royal Albert Hall for up to three weeks just to secure a good spot to stand!

Consistently enduring programme favourites reproduced from the English occasion for our own version include Land of Hope and Glory, Rule Britannia and Jerusalem, for which the CSO tells us “full voice and streamer throwing, although not compulsory, are certainly highly encouraged”. There’s bound to be plenty of wit and audience fun along the way too as Proms Maestro Brian Law leads the orchestra through their paces. Jolly good, chaps; jolly good indeed.

CSO: The Last Night of the Proms
Isaac Theatre Royal, Sat Nov 4

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