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With its roots firmly based in community, the Wanderlust 108 triathlon is not about finishing first and nabbing the trophy (FYI, they don’t even have trophies!), but rather (in Wanderlust speak), “finding your true north” – which is their way of saying becoming your best self. Supporting this mission on a grand scale, Wanderlust 108 rocks (gently) a full day of self-awareness and inner peace through the killer combo of three mindful activities – running, yoga, and meditation. The aim is to foster both individual wellness and positive social change by building a large community around mindfulness. Given that mindfulness practice has been proven to reduce anxiety, depression and bias, promote a positive body image and improve cognition, this is something we can all use a little more of in our lives! Newcomers to meditation and yoga needn’t be put off either, as the event’s all-inclusive, fostering nature ensures you’ll be surrounded by plenty of people willing to give you a few pointers.

Wanderlust 108 Christchurch 
St Leonards Park (Sumner), Dec 2

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The Triple Threat of Mindfulness

So here’s how this celebration of the mindful movement will go down:

  • 1) Run Don’t sweat it – this is 5K (+/-) your way (as the Wanderlust folk like to say), which means you’re free to walk, prance, skip, stroll, or strut your way to the finish line.
  • 2) Yoga Time to get your flow on with 75 minutes of DJ-powered yoga led by international yoga rockstar and student of Sri Dharma Mittra Josh Blau and the high-vibing, genre-slaying DJ R.I.A (see our interview below for more).
  • 3) Meditation Complete the mindful triathlon trifecta by blissing out in a group meditation to clear your mind, relax your body and prepare for tackling the Mindful Market, which will feature the best from local artisans, organic food vendors, True North Café and Kombucha Garden.

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Check Your Sched

The mindfulness doesn’t end there, either; schedule in your class selections online and choose your own adventures – here’s our pick of the top 5:

Essential Oils — Unlock the power of essential oils and continue those yogi feels of peace, love and joy throughout your day and night with this masterclass in breathing in the power of essential oils.

Music Workshop — Discover the secrets of creating the soundtrack to your life with tips from our Wanderlust pros on creating the perfect musical accompaniment to everything from an intimate dinner party to a rocking yoga class.

Aerial Yoga — Take your yoga to the next level (literally!); suspended in a hammock, you’ll increase flexibility, strengthen muscles and maximise your focus in this seriously trending practice that’s super-endorsed by P!nk.

AcroYoga — Combining yoga, healing art and – you guessed it – acrobatics, AcroYoga integrates partnership into the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of yoga practice (while reenacting that scene from Titanic).

Hooping — This sounds like just too much fun to miss out on, if you ask us; we’re down to get our groove on with some Hula/Yoga hybrid love.

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Spin Cycle

Cityscape caught up with DJ R.I.A (Rhythms In Action’s Rire Norman), the high-vibing, genre-slaying, yoga-teaching DJ whose lovingly crafted DJ sets will provide the soundtrack to Wanderlust 108 Christchurch.

wanderstruck dj ria

Yoga DJ sounds pretty niche; how did you get into it?
I have been spinning tunes together since 2001, have played almost every genre, and have varying levels of DJ professionalism in clubs, bars and festivals over the years. As someone who was always a little more on the curious side of life, I had an infatuation with ambient electronica, psy-trance and the more mystical type of sounds when I first started collecting. However, it wasn’t until I did my yoga teacher training that I began to truly understand how music can play an important role in how our bodies respond and our mind connects to music in the yoga space. After teaching solidly for a few years, I began to understand the structure of yoga sequencing and how I could literally score the music to the class like a movie soundtrack. I love that part of it. Creating suspense, peaks and troughs, and a full journey from start to finish with
the playlist.

How does music complement yoga?
What’s important to understand is when we consider ‘music as medicine’, we can use it as a powerful tool to enhance moods, expand awareness and experience a closer communion with each other and life itself. Music has a positive effect on our heartbeat, pulse rate, blood pressure and emotional states. It has the ability to literally stimulate neural pathways and increase our emotional bonding with the moment. It’s about creating a beautiful mood from start to finish and keeping the headspace of the class engaged by finding the right vibe and tempo for the varying level of intensity during the class. Yet, if done wrong, it can crash like a lead balloon. And when that happens, everyone can feel it!

What makes for a great yoga track?
I like to work with tunes that are mostly instrumental. However, if I’m going to weave in vocals, I aim for them to have a positive message, and they must fit in with the feel and flow of a yoga class. I also go for feeling the frequency of the tune as opposed to what producer it came from or whether it’s trendy or not. I listen out for tunes that have strings, tabla, warm synth lines and uplifting melodies. It’s all about the vibe and placing that tune at the right part of the sequence. Being a yoga DJ certainly keeps you on your toes!

Tell us about your set.
I’m really into anything world-fusion at the moment, as these are the sounds that tend to get the bliss molecule stirring. For a Wanderlust 108, I tend to pick up the tempo a little during the flow section to provide some energy to move (and groove) to. Definitely expect a luscious slow build and a grounding journey into Savasana. You might not recognise all the tunes, but you will feel connection and uplifted to the journey!

What’s your pro tip on making the most out of the day?
Wanderlust is all about participation and the celebration of mindfulness culture that is only growing stronger in our world! Show up in your fullness, have fun, bring all your friends and don’t forget your stretchy pants!

Images: Wanderlust and Amandala Photography


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