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Filigree Fine Jewels


Christchurch's Filigree Fine Jewels specialises in handcrafted unique jewellery made onsite including diamond rings, precious stone rings, wedding bands, and occasional jewellery, as well as an ever evolving range of fashion orientated jewellery pieces. Filigree is a manufacturing jeweller with a large onsite workshop and a team of experienced, highly skilled jewellers.

Vanessa Stowers leads this team in the design and manufacture of quality handcrafted jewellery. She has now been in the industry for over fifteen years, with other jewellers in her team having over thirty years experience. It is this culmination of these skills, a flair for design and an innate understanding of working with their clients that results in the creation of fine jewellery with an emphasis on quality.

Bespoke pieces are created by Vanessa in combination with the client. Through years of experience she expertly captures the vision of the client and guides them through the design process. These artisan pieces are then crafted by their experienced team of jewellers and specialist stone setter and engraver in their workshop directly above the Filigree store, meaning you can visit anytime to see your bespoke piece unfurl.

The Filigree Fine Jewels collection is constantly evolving. Combining a passion for elegant and modern design with an expert knowledge of craftsmanship, these pieces are unique heirlooms of the future.
447 Colombo Street
03 374 5143
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