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Dim 7th

Swishy Bar/Live Music

Dim 7th Jazz and Whisky Bar is a new bar in Addington. “Dim 7th” is short for a “Diminished 7th” chord, widely used by jazz players, and Dim 7th has live jazz on most nights in their ground floor jazz bar. On the mezzanine overlooking the stage is a dedicated whisky bar, with whiskies from around the world and featuring Japanese whisky and whisky cocktails. Dim 7th also offer local and imported craft beers on tap as well as bottled craft beer (some imported from Japan). Extensive local and imported wines are also on offer. Food offerings are Japanese and Asian-inspired modern tapas.

Discover Dim 7th’s underground, modern ambience for yourself!
363 Lincoln Road
03 379 5779
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