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Rogues of Rotherham

International Cuisine/Swishy Bar/Café

Enter this sequestered gem and catch your breath as you are struck by accents of emerald and brass and the aroma of uncompromising goodness.

Step in from the hustle and bustle of Riccarton and unwind in the understated style of Rogues. Survey the street side atmosphere from your perch in the swanky vintage bar. Kick in for the afternoon in the laid back, open air drinkery. Take it up a notch to dine in one of the lush, intimate velvet booths.

Rogues creates an experience you’ll want to linger over. In season perfection, regional wines, and damn good beer combine to create an exceptional experience morphing from morning into day and day into night. The finest of the Mediterranean blends with the best of Aotearoa. Cranking coffee. Pizza the way it should be. Simple, exceptional plates with a twist, throughout the day.

Be enticed by Rogues today.
42 Rotherham Street
03 341 5142
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