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Engine Coffee Brewers


Engine Coffee Brewers is a sensory focused company with a sensory focused offering. For them it's all about what you are drinking and how it tastes! Leaving the gimmicks behind and getting back to what coffee is – a complex and amazing beverage!

Proof is always in the pudding (coffee), and Engine likes to let their coffee do the talking. They explore what really starts to affect the flavour profiles in each brew (espresso, filter etc), be it water temperature, grind particle size, grind particle quality, grinding equipment – EK43 vs Mythos (just to name a few!) and the human element controlling everything!

Their coffee tasting trays explore those aspects, and the food offering is influenced by the flavour notes of all of their coffees on offer at the time. This allows them to integrate those flavour notes with most of the food items to create synergy, allowing them to correctly pair different coffees with certain foods!

Once you strip away all of the external distractions it comes down to three key things......TASTE! TASTE! TASTE!

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The Boxed Quarter, 270 St Asaph Street, Christchurch
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