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Bloody Mary’s

Steakhouse/Swishy Bar

Bloody Mary’s is named after Queen Mary I of England, who is more eloquently known as Bloody Mary. The tie to Queen Mary originates from the location of Latimer Square, and Queen Mary’s habit of burning Protestants at the steak (or do we mean ‘stake’). Queen Mary burned over 280 Protestant martyrs at the stake, many of whom are remembered in the names of Christchurch streets and squares.

Bishop Hugh Latimer was burnt at the stake on 16th October, 1555 and due to the location of Latimer Square, the history of Latimer has deeply encouraged Bloody Mary’s concept as a premium ‘Stake” house and bar, focusing on Bloody Mary cocktails. Even the occasional vegetarian loves a great steak (the staff have proof), and who couldn’t pass up the opportunity for so many stake puns. Emphasis is put on the proper treatment of animals: only using meat the chefs can identify the breed of and farm sourced from. The menus reflect both the primal influence of nature and the highly seasonal ingredients used to create uncomplicated and approachable cuisine.

Decor is fashioned after a luxurious gentleman’s club with an air of sophistication. The whisky library features leather couches, dark colours, and low lighting; everything needed for an intimate drink, or two. The library can also be transformed for a more intimate dinner or the additional private dining room is an alternative space for larger parties and allows a secluded experience for special events.

The Grill is the main focus of the restaurant, putting most of the energy into being more than just a steakhouse; taking the highest quality produce from some of the purest places in New Zealand and making them simply delicious! Enjoy the flagship Prime Rib carved at your table Wed & Sat.
Rydges Latimer, 30 Latimer Square, Central City
03 943 5937
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