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Chic Restaurant


With banquet-like meals and spiced nibbles, a private upstairs function room, two bars, pool tables and an executive vibe you don’t have to be a suit to appreciate, Chic Restaurant has become one of the city’s favourite dual food and night spots. Focused on Persian cuisine, the restaurant has a menu that makes it hard to go wrong. Popular choices include marinated lamb racks and their $20 Ribeye Steak served with fluffy mashed potatoes, mixed veg and gravy, available all day Tuesday and Wednesday. A varied set menu gives diners the chance to try some of their house classics, while an à la carte menu caters for all tastes with a variety of vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and seafood dishes. Want something lighter? Enjoy casual drinks with a selection of platters and finger foods. Ideal for events, Chic Restaurant also has an extensive drinks menu that ranges from tantalising herbal teas to cocktails and champagne.
64 Manchester Street
03 379 4447
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