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Redfire BBQ Brazilian Steakhouse


Welcome to Redfire BBQ Brazilian Steakhouse! They serve more than fifteen different cuts of beef, lamb, chicken, and pork – all cooked on skewers and served in a table side manner by their “Gauchos”. Redfire also boasts a gourmet salad bar with over twenty delectable choices, fresh salads, a variety of cheeses, mouth-watering hot dishes, and assorted seafood items. To complement the meal, every table is offered their house specialty, oven warm cheese bread. At Redfire BBQ they use the traditional way of slowly cooking their meats over an open flame churrasco barbecue. This provides guests with the tender, flavourful meats that have remained popular in Latin America for centuries. Redfire BBQ embraces this tradition and complements it by offering traditional Brazilian dishes and drinks such as farofa, carreteiro rice and oven warmed cheese bread, and their signature Caipirinhas, made with cachaça.

Specialty Brazilian!
77 Main North Road
03 352 3000
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