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The Option Bistro & Wines


The Option Bistro & Wines is an upmarket Restaurant and Café tucked away in a great spot in Styx Mill area, Northwood. The European owners embraced the challenge of bringing together the local traditions and modern international trends in cuisine. "Internationally Designed for Locals" is what best defines The Option's community place which offers everything from beautiful Southern cheese rolls to exquisite escargot dishes. You can casually enjoy some tasty cabinet food made daily in their kitchen along with a coffee in the sun or join them in the evening for a more formal dinner with a locally-sourced dish and a perfect New Zealand white or a sophisticated South African red.

The Option Bistro & Wines has a sophisticated wine list, probably one of the best in the city. Their wines are 'by the book' and 'from the book', their guide in selecting the brands is the well known 1001 Wines to Try Before you Die catalogue. Some of the wines featured in the book, including two amazing New Zealand brands, can be found on their shelves.

Discover their international tasting platters featuring some fares not present in many restaurants around here - snails, fish roe, tzatziki and anchovy tarts just to name a few. Matching wines and spirits have been carefully selected for each dish, all for their discerning guests.

While they don't have any star Michelin chefs, the team at The Option's love for good food and perfect wine allows them to offer guests some star Michelin dishes accompanied by exceptional wines, both local and international.
158 Hussey Road, Northwood
03 323 5455
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