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Your guides to living large in Christchurch

The Cityscape magazine stable includes our industry-leading quarterly lifestyle bible and our monthly shakedown of what’s hot and happening in the city each month. Together they’re the ultimate, on-the-ground guides for locals and visitors looking to explore and experience the very best Christchurch (New Zealand) has to offer.

Urban, edgy and rocking some serious street smarts, Cityscape is Christchurch’s barometer of cool, and the city’s go-to-guide for all the latest in food, restaurants and dining; hip bars and nightlife; fashion, beauty and wellbeing; all the hottest events, performance arts and festivals, and through to all things trending and Cityscape-esque.

What’s more, it’s all delivered with Cityscape’s signature sass and authority ensuring you’re at the top of your game when it comes to living large in Christchurch.

Cityscape Issue 06 - February 2018

Cityscape Monthly

If you think you know Christchurch, you’re in for a surprise … designed to make locals fall in love with their city all over again, Cityscape’s monthly drop is a carefully curated highlights reel that channels everything from the city’s essential events, latest venues and all things trending through to exciting discoveries and catching up with some seriously cool locals and visitors. Click on the latest cover for more.

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Cityscape Summer 17/18 magazine cover

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Cityscape Issue 01 - September 2017

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